Q: Who are ASC Developments?
A: Established in 2019, we are a building company that provides high-end, luxury, bespoke building services tailored to our clients’ needs. We perform all trades and offer comprehensive project management services.

Q: Which locations do ASC Developments serve?
A: We serve Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, and surrounding villages such as Barrow and Fornham.

Q: What building services does ASC Developments specialise in?
A: We specialise in high-end renovations and extensions, whole-house renovations, new builds, independent annexes, and disability-accessible living extensions.

Q: Why choose ASC Developments for building projects?
A: Choose us for your building projects because we are a reliable and honest company, focused on meeting our clients’ needs and delivering their desires at a reasonable cost.

Q: What does the design and planning process entail?
A: Our design and planning process involves meeting with an architect to produce drawings that suit the client’s budget and needs. The architect then handles the planning application and liaises with the council to resolve any issues, such as drawing modifications or general enquiries.

Q: Can you handle both minor renovations and major construction projects?
A: Yes, we can handle both minor renovations and major construction projects.

Q: How do you ensure the quality of your building projects?
A: We ensure the quality of our projects by spending significant time on-site and maintaining strict practices within our team.

Q: What sustainable building practices do you implement?
A: We implement sustainable building practices by using recycled materials where possible, minimising waste by not over-ordering, storing surplus materials efficiently, and focusing on thermal efficiency through heavy insulation.

Q: What is the typical timeline for a construction project?
A: The timeline for a construction project varies, but over the last year, our projects ranged from two and a half months to ten months, depending on the project’s size.

Q: How do you handle project quotes and budgets?
A: I personally handle all quotations, aiming to return them within two weeks of meeting with clients. Budgets are discussed after the quote has been produced, and we work with our clients to make their budgets work best for them.

Q: Who will oversee the construction project, and how is communication handled?
A: I oversee most, if not all, projects and maintain regular communication with clients. If clients are on-site during the project, we interact face-to-face; if they live away, we use videos, messages, and FaceTime to ensure everything meets their expectations.

Q: Are you fully insured and licensed for building work?
A: We are fully insured and licensed for the work we carry out. For specialised tasks such as asbestos removal, we employ licensed contractors.

Q: How do you navigate building regulations and planning permissions?
A: We easily navigate changes in building regulations by staying updated and working with a private building control to confirm any queries. All builds generally follow the same regulations unless it’s a niche project, like listed buildings.

Q: What safety protocols do you follow on construction sites?
A: We adhere strictly to all health and safety regulations, ensuring our sites are safe, secure, and fenced off to prevent unauthorised access.

Q: What warranties or guarantees do you offer on construction work?
A: While we don’t normally offer guarantees, any major structural issues within 6 months to a year are investigated promptly. We have not faced any issues so far, as all aspects during a build are inspected by building control and structural engineers.

Q: How do you handle post-completion issues or concerns?
A: We treat all post-completion issues as urgent, and we are normally on-site to investigate and resolve any problems as quickly as possible.